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Finding the right plan Coverage considerations


If you purchase your airfare separately from your tour or cruise, do not buy their travel insurance.  Their travel insurance is priced to encourage a quick impulse sale.  However, the reason the price is lower is they usually offer fewer benefits and lower coverage.  In addition when you’re buying other coverage to protect your tour or cruise you might be ineligible for pre-existing medical condition coverage (or other coverage that require full value coverage) unless you also include the airfare when calculating your trip cost.   Our recommendation is to buy one plan from a travel insurance provider that covers the entire trip and to insure to value.


Rounding your trip costs down when buying insurance might disqualify you from pre-existing medical condition coverage.  Most travel insurance plans that offer the “waiver” require that you “insure to value” in order to qualify.  Insuring to value usually means that the trip cost that you've insured must equal or be greater than the actual trip cost.  At the time of a claim Travel insurance companies have been known to disqualify travelers from pre-existing conditions coverage for as little as a few dollars of under insurance.  Don’t round down. 

Waiting to buy your travel insurance

Travel insurance plans that offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions usually have 3 or more preconditions that you meet in order to qualify for the coverage.  One of them requires that the insurance is purchased within the plans required time period following your first trip payment(deposit).   Depending on the plan that period of time varies from 10 to 30 days.  Pre-existing conditions if the foremost reason why claims are declined.  Qualifying for the “waiver” will eliminate the travel insurance company from using that as an excuse to deny a claim.  Other preconditions may include insuring to value and being physically able to travel on the day you purchase.

Where to buy travel insurance

There are many options where you can buy travel insurance.  Most travel agents offer travel insurance and almost every tour operator, airline, and cruise line have specially designed travel insurance plans for their clients.

Our best advice is to buy through a third party travel insurance comparison web site and to avoid plans offered by travel agents, tour operators, airlines, or cruise lines.  This advice is based on the following research:


What is the best travel insurance company? 

That is a question that gets asked everyday.  And it's usually an easy answer provided you are talking with an experienced travel insurance agent who is able to guide you to the right company and right plan. 


Understanding Trip Cancellation Coverage

“Can I afford to lose the cost of my trip if I have to cancel or interrupt my travel plans? ”

If the answer to that question is no, then you want to buy trip cancellation insurance. But how do you find the right plan? How do you determine the plan that best fits your needs? It’s easy if you follow a 4 step process:

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