Missed Connection


Missed connection coverage is usually meant to reimburse you for additional transportation charges to catch up to your cruise if you've missed the cruise departure due to a specific covered reason.  Some plans also provide for additional living expenses.


What to expect at the time of Claim


Travel insurance companies will require that you:

  • prove that the reason you missed your cruise departure was due to a covered peril under the missed connection coverage(different than the trip cancellation coverage); and
  • that the expense you are claiming is covered by the benefit.

It is important that you keep documentation as to the cause of your missed connection and your covered expenses.  The insurance company will not reimburse you for undocumented expenses or for missed connections that are cause by some other reason that is not listed as one of the perils or hazards for missed connections.  In some cases there might be some overlapping coverage between the Travel Delay coverage and/or the Trip Interruption coverage however, in most cases travel insurance companies have made sure that they have eliminated overlapping coverages.

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